Miyoko Urayama / born in Tokyo / living in Essen, Germany


As a performer, dancer and director, I experiment with all kinds of movements, objects, sounds and spaces, using elements of physical theatre and movement techniques of Japanese Butoh dance. Frequently, I transform everyday human behaviour into choreographed, physical actions to tell stories or create atmospheres, oscillating between the abstract and the concrete, infusing serious topics with humor to provide a wide range of experiences.



1999–2002   BA (Hons) in European Theatre Arts. Rose Bruford College, Sidcup, UK

2001              Puppet and Movement Studies. Institut del Teatre, Barcelona, ES

1998–1999   Foundation Course. Rose Bruford College, Sidcup, UK

1987–1989   Music Technology. Shobi Gakuen Junior College, Saitama, JP


Further Training:

Workshops among others with Minako Seki, Christian Ziegler, Yoshi Oida, Keith Johnstone, Semimaru (Sankai Juku).

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